Friday, June 24, 2011

grateful for being alive...

Thank you Maxabella... nothing like a gentle reminder to sit back and reflect...


today my Aunt had open heart triple by-pass surgery. She had a heart attack on Monday. She is going to be ok. That is amazing... that we have the both the knowledge and technology to be able to something of that magnitude, that quickly....

after speaking to my mum and hearing that my Aunt was going to ok, I hadn't realised that I had been holding my breath until I let it out.

ever since hearing those words "she is ok" I have been sitting feeling waves of gratitude wash over me... that she has come through a major operation ok... that all those little things that have been pissing me off this week, are just that - little things! And I have far more to be grateful for, then to be pissed off about...

grateful for the universal shove in changing perspective...  see that glass - its half FULL woman!!


  1. Oh - thank you.
    For a great grateful post.
    For your timing.
    My Mum awaits heart surgery after a heart attack.
    You have lightened my heart.

  2. My uncle was injured in an armed robbery last weekend and we spent an anxious night waiting for an update on his condition after he was rushed to hospital and into surgery. Like you, the whole experience helped me to put my little concerns and annoyances into perspective.

    I'm glad that you aunt is okay and the surgery has been successful.

  3. It is absolutely amazing what they can do with hearts these days! My son has congenital heart disease and they were able to perform a life-saving surgery on my 1.5kg baby.
    I am so glad your aunt is ok - I'm all about perception and silver linings as well!

  4. Oh, that's such good news. And I'm just so touched by Mum on the Run's comment too. It must make you feel amazing to know that your beautiful post has offered such comfort to someone. x

  5. So glad your aunt is OK. Love the picture and quote you used in this post. xx

  6. Great news! It is amazing that she has a new lease on life now..I wonder how she is feeling.


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