Saturday, July 6, 2013


Going through the motions,

Doing the best I can.
Feeling disconnected,
From my body. From the land.

A thousand pictures shows 
Keep running through my mind.
I don't want this track to keep playing, 
I thought you were of my kind.

I tremble, not with ecstasy 
Not like I once did.
I tremble with the unknown
Of things that I have hid.

There is a weariness in my body
That I haven't felt in the longest time.
Don't surrender to it Vicky,
Don't walk that dangerous line. 


  1. Not sure what's happening in your world, but sending you love and light. Hope you're in a lighter place soon. xo

  2. Sending you lots of love my friend. Don't forget you are strong and you are brave xxx


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