Friday, July 19, 2013


I can feel myself fragmenting

Piece by shattered piece.

To be put back together

Like a puzzle, battered and chipped in places,

The picture still beautiful when complete.






Monday, July 15, 2013

Too little... Too late...

I looked down at my phone. There was a text from him.

"I miss you so much!!! I'm sorry for everything vicky. LYC "

I pressed the lock button on the phone and threw it in my bag, momentarily thankful, after it hit my bag on the floor, that I'd spent that $90 on a case. It allowed for me take my second of frustration out on an inanimate object.

Too little ... Too late.

That was the thought in my head.
Not sadness. Not anger. Irritation ...

I gave you my heart. And you didn't honour, respect or care for it like you promised you would. I know, that just like me, you are only human and make mistakes. But a fundamental difference between my humanity, and yours... I treat people with kindness, and care, and love. And that doesn't make me weak or stupid. It makes me compassionate. Forgiving. Loving. Caring.

My view of the world won't be dimmed by someone else's negativity. If they are on a mission of self destruction, and choose to slap the hand of kindness and love away, that is their choice. Mine is to remove myself away from the slap, forgive but not forget.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Going through the motions,
Doing the best I can.
Feeling disconnected,
From my body. From the land.

A thousand pictures shows 
Keep running through my mind.
I don't want this track to keep playing, 
I thought you were of my kind.

I tremble, not with ecstasy 
Not like I once did.
I tremble with the unknown
Of things that I have hid.

There is a weariness in my body
That I haven't felt in the longest time.
Don't surrender to it Vicky,
Don't walk that dangerous line. 


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