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Who am I?

Well that’s a question that I’m still working out.

Statistically I’m a 42 year old, mother of three, twice married, twice divorced, stay at home mum. I have two teenagers, and a little boy who has just started school. Having a foot in different camps for the last five years has been an interesting ride to say the least. Dealing with toilet training and the antics of a toddler, while juggling a teenage daughter plagued with rampant hormonal mood swings is akin to walking through a mine field.

I started blogging four years ago as a place to dump down the noise in my head, as I navigated my way through the demise of my second marriage. From there it my blog has evolved into a creature of its own. It is no longer just a vehicle for me to “dump” but a place where I celebrate, commiserate, rage, or just “be”. The topics I blog about are wide and varied, and as eclectic as I am.

There are some subjects that I won’t hesitate to get on my soap box about, and are ones that I am passionate about and that are close to my heart. Education – or more specifically, the importance of planting seeds of knowledge and the love of learning is something that I am extremely interested in. I am half way through a teaching degree, and hope to finish it… Life keeps getting in the way. (There is a lot to be said for going to uni BEFORE having a family!!)

Mental health and all it entails – from the stigmas associated with it to the education and understanding of it is another topic I have been known to get on the band wagon about. Having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Acute Anxiety Disorder has allowed me to have first-hand experiences, and both be beside and get to know people who have other types of mental illnesses.

Domestic violence is another topic that I have a lot to say on. Having been a child of a domestically violent relationship, and having been in a domestic violent relationship myself, my experiences enable me to be empathetic and understanding of the dynamic and struggle involved for women who find themselves in this situation.

Domestic violence is only one form of abuse that I have experience with. As a child I was sexually abused. Consequently, creating awareness, and educating people about how to keep their own children safe is something I am adamant about.

Most of my blog posts are a form of self-reflection. However, sometimes, I post about whatever I’m moved to post about. From fashion, to living on a budget, to makeup and participating in link ups. Some people blog a specific topic. Me – I just blog, ‘cause I can.

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