Tuesday, March 30, 2010

finding beauty in the small things..

I have been reading every day the Louise Hay website healyourlife.com. I really feel that its a significant factor in me feeling better. Its good to read things that help feed your brain from a positive perspective. when you are someone like me, whose self speak is so negative that I have a tendency to see the glass as half empty most of the time... and not see the beauty in small things. I have conciously been trying to see the beauty in small things... and it has made a difference.

Recently my cousin, who is also a very good friend, put herself out there on my behalf to my extended family. I find it incredibly hard to ask for help. and she did it for me, and my extended family ended up donating money to me so I could get a little in front for a change. I have been living without a washing machine for months, doing my washing at friends, or going to the laundrymat. I tell you I never thought the sound of the washing machine washing in my own home could sound so sweet. I was able to get it fixed today, and it has done amazing things to my state of mind. I was also able to pay some outstanding bills, pay school fees, and get the lawn mowed, and will have the spider webs water pressured off tomorrow.

It makes all my health issues feel a little less overwhelming. I went to the specialist yesterday, and are booked to have a knee reconstruction. As a result, I'm intending on giving up smoking. Smoking and having a general are not good. Nathan bet me $50 that I couldnt do it. If I buy another packet I have to give him $50 - if I dont he washes my car.

While the elephant is still rather large, I'm slowly getting through it. I have to look at all I HAVE done, not what I still have to do. I'm getting through it... one bite at a time.

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  1. What a wonderful cousin to give people the opportunity to help out. I can imagine it must have been such a relief. The idea of a knee construction doesn't sound pleasant but hopefully it takes away the pain you have been dealing with. Good luck with quitting smoking too. You can do it! I love the attitude of this post!


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