Tuesday, March 23, 2010

feeling fuzzy around the edges...

that's how it feels. like I tingle all over. I'm throwing food down my throat, and iron tablets, and magnesium. in the hope that it will go away. I fell into bed last night at 9pm out of exhaustion. and woke at 1... sigh. finally went back to bed at 3am.

feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. my beautiful cousin stuck her neck out for me, and threw it to the universe - and my extended family - and mentioned that I was doing so well, and needed assistance so that I could get the lawns done, and the washing machine fixed. and I'm blown away by the response... really blown away. and I cant stop crying.

My knee is incredibly sore. has been more sore since I started the physio exercises, and since I had the mri. laying there trying to keep still for 20mins was actually agonising, my knee locked up, and the pain since has ramped. I go back to the physio tomorrow, and back to the specialist for the results of the mri on monday.

Went and spoke to N's teacher this morning. He looked a lot happy when he came home this afternoon. apparently the girl apologised to him, so I'm pretty sure that N's teacher spoke to her. Hopefully that will be the end of it. But I'm glad that his teacher listened to me.

Laura came home very chuffed with herself. she tried to act all OH NO! about her progress report, but I knew that she was faking. She got mostly a's and a few b's on her report, and a card from the head of campus saying well done. only six of them were given to students. I'm incredibly proud of her.

I had a session with my counsellor today... which these days is more like a debrief session. She pointed out to me something that I do that I hadn't considered, and it was good to hear, about how instead of being angry at the boys, because I'm angry at their fathers, I actively try and make a difference in their lives. It wasn't something that I had even thought about. because their fathers have been such a let down, it makes me want to put MORE into their lives, be MORE present - not the other way around. and I thought about my sister and how angry she is at her son, and always has been because of his father... so I'm thankful for that. that I don't do that.and it was nice to have it pointed out to me.

on that note I will sign off with a quote that I read tonight from the healyourlife.com

No kind action ever stops with itself. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.
Amelia Earhart

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