Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where to now Charlie Brown?

What am I doing?
What are my plans?
Where am I'm heading?
That's all that has been going through my head for the last month.
Moving home from a place, that while I no longer wanted to live there anymore, it was a place I knew, to suburbia, and all that it entails, has caused me to feel somewhat displaced.

When you have been in an area for 8 years, which is the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life, this feeling is somewhat disconcerting. I moved around a lot both as a child, and an adult, until I moved to the Noosa Hinterland. Although I moved to three different houses in that time, I was in the same area, same people, same familiarity, same routine for those 8 years.
Now, I am at sea - with everything. Everything is unfamiliar. And if I'm really honest, at times, terrifying. My children have adjusted far quicker, and better then I. There is Truth in that statement about the resilience of children. Me, on the other hand, I have those three questions set on constant replay in my brain at the moment. Instead of pushing me into action, I find them paralysing me with fear.
I read something today over at Work Life Bliss, about the one brick strategy. What the author behind that story experienced was huge compared to the little life change I have had. But the overwhelming feeling, and the consequent strategy can still apply. One brick, that's all I need to take out of the wall that I feel I am standing in the shadow of. Let in a beam of light, and maybe, just maybe I can see where to now....


  1. I get it. I've been feeling somewhat lost at sea myself. Moving is hard, especially when it means leaving behind memories and things I recognised as part of the fabric of me. When they're gone, who am I?
    You're not alone (and this too shall pass)

    1. Thank you Katie. You are right... This too shall pass. Those words, I needed to hear. X

  2. I totally understand that feeing too. We are leaving London next July after 6 years here and we're moving back to Sydney. I'm already feeling anxious about it, I didn't really like living there before we left so I'm imagining not much has changed. I'm really struggling with leaving everything behind and having to start all over. Again.
    Thanks for sharing x

    1. It is that starting over again that is the most disconcerting. Finding a new doctor, hairdresser, etc etc etc. but I'm getting there. Slowly. But at least it's forward movement.

      I'll hold you hand virtually. X


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