Thursday, October 25, 2012

#The Human Brochure

In the spring of 1996, my best friend Sam and I decided to take my 9 month old cafe connoisseur daughter to Canberra to see the Floriade. We loaded up Sam's tiny Daihatsu, with the child seat, and managed to get the ridiculously big pram that I just had to have, in as well. We then proceeded to drive the three hours it took to get from the Sutherland Shire to Canberra. For the day. As you do. (Laura was one of those babies that you could cart around anywhere, and was happy to just be. This would not have been a trip that I would have even contemplated with my next two children!!)

We had a gorgeous day. The flowers amazing, the day glorious, the colours were magnificent. And then we turned around and drove the three hours home. I must confess that on the way home, Laura had her first taste of McDonald's French Fries. Which I guess means she can now blame me for her ongoing love of them.


This weekend I'm off to Canberra again. It has only taken me 16 years to return, but as they say, better late then never. Back in August I entered a competition and out of nearly 32000 applicants I was one of the lucky 500 to be selected to participate in the first of its kind "Human Brochure".

What’s a Human Brochure? I hear you ask - well in the well articulated words of the people who have organised this amazing opportunity:

When I applied, I was asked to select from four areas - Food, Family Fun, Adventure and Art & Culture. I did consider Family Fun, but decided that a trip for me and M would be wonderful (not having any idea that I would possibly win!) so I selected Art & Culture. The itinerary is amazing. I won't spoil it now by telling you where I will be going. You will just have to follow along on my journey vicariously. (How strange it is for me to NOT be the one doing the vicarious living for a change!)

Come Friday morning 7am, I'm removing my mummy hat, and leaving it behind for 72 hours for fun, frivolity, and making new friends. To say I can not wait is an understatement!


  1. Oh how did you go ?
    I was amazed at how many bloggers seem to be selected ?

    1. That's how great a blogger I am! I have two posts written, fine tuning. And then I re think it all. I have to over thinking.... It was great, but full on. Like a travel agency junket. If that makes sense?


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