Sunday, May 16, 2010

stepping out of the cave

My cousin Annie came to stay on Tuesday until thursday night. It was so wonderful to have her here, and be looked after. She made dinner, hung out washing, vac'ed, made cups of tea. But the best thing of all is that we got to make soy wax candles and melts... the house smelt sublime. funny how scents can do such a lot for your state of mind. annie is starting a business making melts and candles. Soy wax is amazing stuff, and soooooooooo much better for both the environment, and people.

Came up with a name for her business and designed a logo. Was so good to have creativity flowing again. and i realised part of the reason that I haven't done any painting is because i no longer have my painting corner set up. I lost the table when Richard moved out. so I asked a girlfriend who picks up things at garage sales etc if she sees a table suitable to do painting on would she grab it for me... and she has! for $40!! so I will have a table and be able to paint again - without excuses.

I'm also going to get another friend to show me how to mosaic, and do some containers for Annie to make candles in.

I feel better then I did ten days ago. Much better. I had a reading down last Wednesday, which was very interesting, and apt. and I came away feeling alot better then I had in days.... and a new word to say when I'm feeling overwhelmed.... TRUST.

so while I may be not too far out of the cave - and still hovering around the entrance... at least I can feel the sun shining.

Letters to Mr D, have progressed to hours long phone conversations... and that has been wonderful as well. Its good to speak to a man who is intelligent, and can keep up with me, and has many of the same ideas and values that I have....

so today I feel good. My knee is getting better day by day. Not having to have nurofen and panadol. are off the crutches, and are able to do a little more every day.


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  1. There are so many element of this post that has bought a big smile to my face. It really is the little things that bring light to the darkness isn't it. THe crative outlet you have had sounds wonderful and how exciting to know you helped a friend on an exciting new journey.


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