Friday, February 13, 2009

needing matchsticks...

After such a lovely evening last night, the change of weather has turned on my boys. Nathan has asthma, and I think that Aston will eventually be diagnosed with it as well. Nathan has been wheezy for the last couple of days - the fact that he won't manage his asthma contributes to this. He is at an age where if he pretends he doesn't have it, then maybe he won't.... which makes it rather interesting at times. The change in the weather from hot and humid, the cooler and humid has no doubt been the trigger.

Yesterday afternoon when Aston woke from his afternoon nap, he sounded wheezy, and was a little cranky. But seemed to come good... fast forward to 10.30 last night. He woke with a croupy cough, and fast shallow breathing. I have no predisone (the medication used to treat croup), so gave him some puffs of ventolin, and sat with upright on my lap for half an hour. Thank god for austar and Playhouse Disney! Was enough to keep him distract, and calmed down, while I got him to have the puffer. All he wanted to do was sleep, poor little man. His breathing settled, and I put him back to bed - knowing that it would only last a little while... so I jumped into bed too.

12.45am he is coughing and wheezing again. This time Richard woke up as well. Ran the shower and steamed up the bathroom, and gave him some more ventolin. Got the vaporiser going, and sat with him upright until his breathing settled. I ended up laying on his bed for the rest of the night listening to his breathing...

So I'm feeling rather tired this morning. He is still wheezy, but happy in himself, in fact he is jumping all over the lounge as I type! We have an appointment at 11am at the doctor, and no doubt will get a script for redipred. sigh. I hate giving it to him.

I had so many things planned to do today - oh well - just have to let it go, and be in this moment.

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