Thursday, February 12, 2009

the simple things in life are free

I'm never ceased to be amazed at how much joy my children can bring me. The blessing that is Aston means that my big kids Laura and Nathan can stay in the innocence of childhood just a little longer then if Aston wasn't around. He makes them laugh, and play and wonder in delight just like him. I love it.

This evening after dinner we went out to the back yard to see Jake, our german shephard cross 2 year old puppy. He is two weeks older then Aston. We brought him when Aston was 6 weeks old - yep that's what you do right, have a baby, and go and get a puppy! Not like I had enough to do already. Anyway.... I digress. Aston loves to run. So him and Jake are running up and down the back yard. Before I know it, everyone is outside with us, Laura, Nathan, and Daddy. And of course, little mister bossy boots is ordering everyone around, wanting Laura and Nathan to do running races with him. Then we had to jump on the trampoline.. me as well!

Aston said to me at one stage, "look mummy castle" pointing at the mountain in the distance. Then we had to have a look at the cows. There are usually cows in the field right behind our back yard, but there havent been for a while, so I'm thinking, this will be interesting. He starts to excitedly yell "Cows mummy" and I am looking every where to see where he is talking least a kilometre away in a field are cows! Nothing wrong with his eyesite.

I love living here. I need to remember to sit outside and enjoy it every single day. I forget to do it... and when I remember, it feeds my soul, and I feel peaceful.

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