Tuesday, February 17, 2009

About six months ago a friend told me about a community organisation called EMMA (Educating, Mentoring Mothering Adolescents) for 15 - 21yo first time mums. Its run by an Organsition called http://www.lifebridge.com.au/emma.html I was really interested in finding out more about it. Its been floating around in my head since I heard about it. 2 weeks ago I sent an email enquiring about how I can help. Yesterday someone called me, and I am going to become a mentor. I'm really excited about this. And they want to find out more about my learning ladder business. This took me by surprise, I had forgotten that in my email, my signature has all my details about the Learning Ladder on it.I feel like I have the opportunity to stand beside young women, and support them at a time that can be both amazing and overwhelming. An opportunity to pay it forward...I had some beautiful women stand beside me on my journey as a mother, that have made a massive difference to the type of mother I want to be.

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