Tuesday, February 17, 2009

onward and upward...

Feeling rather ordinary, but have had an easy day with the kids at school, and Aston at "play" school. Tried to sleep during the day, but my head and face hurt to much, so I just watched mindless stuff on tv, which was good, as my brain wasn't functioning all that well.

Even though my body is feeling rather ordinary, my head space is feeling better then it has in a while. I got my time table for Uni today, and have a lecture and tutorial on a Wednesday, and Thursday. Will have to do a bit of juggling with Aston, hopefully will be able to change a day at play school. I think my head space is positive because I have something to look forward to. Orientation is next Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. I will go in the morning on Monday, go for the interview at EMMA and then go back to orientation.

Richard is feeling rather disgruntled with work. There have been lots of changes with the amalgmation of the councils, and the employees that have been there for a 1000 years are not coping very well. Richard has embraced the change, which is probably easier for him to do as he has only worked there for 2 years, one of them pre amalgmation. He comes home each night and vents about what has happened during the day. I really hope that a great opportunity presents itself soon that he can apply for. I know he wants to stay working for the council, but is really over working with the crew he is with.

Laura's leg is improving each day. She has a swimming carnival on Thursday, and is going to compete. She has incredible tenacity that kid. I look at her every day, and are amazed that this young woman standing before me is my child. She is enjoying high school, and the new experiences she is having. She has joined the SES cadets, and Im really proud of her.

Nathan has one last session of rep training for football next Monday. He has been trying so hard. they will find out next week if they have been selected for the A team, B team or not at all.... I so hope he gets selected. it will do wonders for his self confidence. He is so amazing with Aston. And of course Aston just idolises him.

Aston is talking up a storm...every day there is new words, and sentences... Sometimes you can see his brain is moving faster then he can get his mouth to work. :) Singing songs, lots of pretend play, and likes to be boss.

A girlfriend is taking me to lunch tomorrow for my birthday (belated birthday lunch). Shall be lovely to be spoilt.

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