Thursday, December 27, 2012

24 - upgrade to iPhone 5 - tick

I have been so busy playing with my latest toy phone that I have forgotten to tick it off my bucket list.

Since getting my first phone 11 years ago I have been a Nokia girl through and through. When iPhones hit the market I briefly considered getting one, but the thought of stepping outside my Nokia comfort zone swayed me from stepping into Apple territory.

Last Christmas I was very lucky, and got an iPad. We have been having a love affair since, with it hitting new intensity when my laptop got sick and it was my only means of using the internet. My laptop returned, and tends to sit neglected, only used if I am unable to tweak a post to appear the way I want it to in my iPad. That said, I'm on a mission to master techniques that enable me to do what I want via the iPad.

Because I have spent the last 12 months up close and personal with my iPad, when my latest Nokia started to show signs of dying, I decided that my next phone was going to be the iPhone 5. I love it! Its like having my iPad in my back pocket, with the added bonus of being able to ring people.

I'm still on the look out for the "perfect" cover, making do with a cheapy until the "one" crosses my path.

Have you got an iPhone? Suggestions on apps that you can't live with out? and covers for that matter?

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  1. Good post. I will get the upgrade on the iPhone 5 now. I thought it was an upgraded phone but now I think I can enjoy more features :)




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