Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Abuse is so damn insidious. It's like a cancerous growth that has spread out tentacles, entangling the innocent.

Why do some people adapt and overcome, and others stay stuck in the cycle of dysfunctionality?

Why do some people see the cup as half full, allowing the emptiness to fill up with opportunity and love, and others see it as half empty, and evaporating fast?

How can two sisters come from the same starting place, yet be so diametrically opposed?

What makes one person push against everything she knew as a child, and another sit in it, victimised, repeating a similar cycle of abuse?

Why can some people own their behaviour, and apologise, while others blame their present behaviours on things that happened so long ago that's the two have nothing to do with each other?

Why am I like me, and she is like her?

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