Thursday, November 18, 2010

its all about me...

I feel somewhat at ease with where my head is at the moment. Mind you that can all change of the head of a pin, (especially as my body is fraught with PMT hormones!!) but for right now its ok. Think I'm learning to sit in the moment. Better late then never eh?

Are so looking forward to this weekend. Its all about ME! Off to see West Side Story tomorrow night, then breakfast at Southbank and the markets and then the art gallery on Saturday, and dinner out of Saturday night, then catching up with my best friend on the way home on the Sunday... 48 hours or more all about me!!! The chance to dress up, wear heels, eat yummy food, get a little drunk, not have to worry about anyone else but myself..... bliss.

can you tell I'm a little bit excited?

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