Thursday, July 29, 2010

swings and roundabouts...

been a bit like that since I last posted. up down and all around.

Things between L and I have settled down. The rules, and consequences have made a big improvement to the house overall, and I feel far more in control.

I went away for the weekend to Melbourne with Mr Darcy. Was so wonderful, and just what I needed to do. The change of scenery, and doing something that was just about me (and him) was brilliant. I know that I need to do it more regularly, and not leave it until I feel like I'm going to implode from frustration.

Mr D came for dinner on Sunday night, and a sleep over. It was the most amount of time that he has spent with me as a mummy. Was a little odd for me - he handled it on his ear - I on the other hand proceeded to drink most of a bottle of wine. :-S Anxiety was ramped....

The teen queen must have decided he is ok as she informed me the other night that when her computer priviledges return she is going to friend him on facebook - which I suppose is the highest compliment a teen can give in today's world.

N talked his ear off about gaming, and asked him to come and play a game with him - which is N's world means you watch him while he plays.... and Mr Darcy willingly obiliged.

A chats away to Mr Darcy, but is very very cuddly with me. Which I guess is to be expected.

We did have a lovely night, and the kids all went to school and day care the next day, and we went out to breakfast, which was very yummy. He wont be back until the 14/8 now, and I will see him after the weekend, as he is the godfather for his sister's youngest child, and the christianing is on the Sunday.

He is so easy to be with, its like coming home - warm, calm, welcome, relaxing, safe... and every time I spend time with him, I'm left wanting to spend more time with him.


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