Monday, November 29, 2010

four years ago today...

... my youngest son was born.

This is such a bittersweet day for me. It was my best birth experience. Within a couple of minutes of Aston being born he was placed on me, skin to skin, with warm blankets placed over both of us. I have no recollection of them sewing me up, because I was too busy falling in love with this amazing gift that had been given to me.

I had so desperately hoped that his arrival would mark the beginning of an awakening in R - Of selflessness, of understanding, of healing, of kindness.... unfortunately it wasn't to be. But I realise now that it marked an awakening in ME... of healing, of understanding, of forgiveness, of joy... of rainbows after storms...of so many things. He helped me to re-focus on what was really important, after being through trying times. He helped me re-focus on what was really important in my life.. the present of my three children, and the lessons that I have learnt from all of them, and continue to learn.

Aston was born with the innate ability to bring joy. He has a sense of humour that belies his years. If he gets someone laughing - really deep belly laughing, then he has accomplished his mission. He also has deep emotional intelligence, and can pick up on someone's sadness quickly, and will often asked me why someone is sad, having only been around them briefly.

I will sit and watch him, and consequently end up viewing the world through his eyes... and what a gift that is. Because the world is a pretty amazing place... especially when you peel back the layers of cynicism, bitterness, anger, frustration... and view it through the purity of a child's eyes.






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