Wednesday, January 26, 2011

early birthday celebrations...

The best part about having a hangover is the journey you took to get it!!

Celebrated my birthday early last night - in style. Friends hire a limo to drive us to the restaurant as a surprise for me. Was such a gorgeous and generous, and unexpected gift.

I had such a brilliant time last night. Was what I needed to do - be frivolous and silly, and misbehave.... are feeling rather ordinary right now... but it was oh so worth it!!

 the only way to travel ... limo with a glass of bubbles!!

 well have to see if I get a copy of the matching one of this... the one anna is taking a photo of!

 rosy drunken grins...

 have absolutely no idea what this was - some fruit slushy cocktail thing which was very delish!

well ... don't really need to say anything do I.... :-)

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