Thursday, February 3, 2011


Every morning in my inbox I get my stars for the day. This was todays -

The New Moon in your sign is such an auspicious time - you need to celebrate your life this week. What do you love about your existence? Would it be asking too much of you to take a moment to write down the top five things that you’re grateful for? As Oprah Winfrey said “When we praise and celebrate our life, we have even more to praise and celebrate”. The Universe loves gratitude. Show some today and you’ll be setting yourself up for more good. This is the start of your new year.

So what am I grateful for...

.... my three children. after experiencing a week of sickness with Aston, where he was unable to eat, and was so incredibly sad, I have a new appreciation for parents of chronically ill children. My three babies are incredibly healthy!

... living in such a beautiful place, surrounded by space, trees, wild life of every description. Yes, the driveway is annoying, yes when we get a lot of rain, we get flooded in, yes, it is at times can feel isolated - but the peace that I feel when I take the time to just sit, and breath in the peace makes all those little things (because really they are minute!) all worth it.

... my gorgeous friends. my life is so enriched by the amazing friends I have in my life. both new and old. that stand by me, champion me on through the hard times, laugh with me in the good times, celebrate with me my triumphs...

... my ability to adapt and overcome. that in spite of hardship, my fighting spirit has not been put out

... my inquiring mind...even though at times it can drive me to distraction, without I wouldn't have found the answers to so many questions that needed to be known.

While 2011 for Queensland so far has been full of horrendous acts of mother nature - for me personally, its been ok... and ok is great!

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