Monday, April 30, 2012


On Friday night I fell out of bed. I was trying to get away from the snake that was chasing me in my dream.

Waking up because you've hit your neck and shoulders on the bedside table, while trying to catch your breath from running from an imaginary snake is some what disconcerting.

A wise friend of mine commented, 'You got some shedding to do and your friendly dream snake is trying to help you... a knock on the neck - speak your truth, and your shoulders - don't need to carry the stress anymore!"

Later that day I read my stars -

When our vehicles get dirty there's the car wash. When our clothes get dirty, there's the laundry. so where then, can we take our memories when they get mucky? or must we just allow them to carry on becoming ever more confused and corrupted. We tell ourselves stories about the past and we repeat them so often we begin to believe they are the gospel truth - the only accurate version of events. You now need revisit a part of of your past. Once you see it differently , you will see vast positive potential in the month that lies ahead of you.

Once. Twice. Three times. OK I get it. The universe is not so subtly telling me to deal with shit. So deal I will.


  1. dealing with shit is messy.

    Remember that.


    1. Ain't that the friggin truth Kelley! better to get a little messy though, then have it infect my heart and soul. x


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