Friday, April 29, 2011

busy living in the real world..

....thats what I have been doing for the last ten days. And it has been lovely.

M arrived at my house last Wednesday night, and has just left this morning. and I am heading down south this evening... no kids. so our holiday will be ending with rest and recreation sans kids.

Having him here for the last week and a half has been so .... easy. and comfortable. Watching him play with the kids, and watching the kids play with him... All three of them are more relaxed and comfortable with him. The little man was saying this morning that "No your not going home".

I received an email from Aston's dad last night, "if Aston has another male in his life now I would like to know who he is I think it only fair as if Aston was with me and I had someone in his life I think you would like to know, I’m not prying into your life just Aston’s ok so please don’t take that the wrong way."

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Have mixed feelings about it. Part of me can see that he has a point, the other thinks fuck off, its none of your business. At the moment the other part is winning.... I'm just going to sit with it for a few days, and think about it, if and how I will respond.

My gut says that I don't owe him an explanation in any shape or form......

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  1. Oh Vicky...
    Well this answers my question of you in my latest blog post..
    My knee jerk reaction is like yours and I commend you for sitting on it for now..
    Act in haste repent at leisure...

    BTW: I think that you and I have pretty good guts [giggle]... will let you know what contemplation and a little reflection comes up with x0x


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