Sunday, June 20, 2010


oh I just LOVE being a single mum. LOVE it... because you know it means I get to have SOOOOOOOOOOO much time to myself. Can go and do whatever I want when ever I want to... its a fucking blast!

I'm seriously fucking HATE that man.

I changed my mobile phone number to stop the constant texting. Which of course has moved on to emails. I spammed his email. But just getting them still drives me fucking nuts. I'm going to call the police again, make an appointment, and make a complaint... again... because apparently - 3 complaints, and THEN they will do something. so I will make another complaint, with the emails he has sent since I made the last one, and then I will go and make another complaint for the emails I will no doubt receive.

Manipulative piece of shit... how dare he take no responsibility. How dare he make this out to be about me. I think if I saw him right now, I'd punch him in the head... and probably keep punching... in fact I think I'd fucking run a knife through him.

I'm angry at myself, for not doing anything sooner. I'm angry that its affecting me. I'm angry that I feel like I dont want to do this anymore. I'll just walk out the door, and not come back.... oh its so easy to throw judgement around, and not take responsibility for anything. fucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

yes I'm fairly furious right now. incredibly so. want to pick up the phone and scream abuse at him. but then he wins....

so instead I'll dump abuse here and rant and scream. wish I sould say it makes me feel better. but it doesnt.

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