Saturday, February 20, 2010

a dull moment

There is a running joke between me and my friends about me never having a dull moment.... well I'm having one. and its absolute bliss. Have had a lovely lazy day with my boys. And have just slowed myself right down. Have felt no anxiety today at all, and consequently have not had to have any valium.

I'm going to meet up with my old boss tomorrow, who is here visiting from Brugge. I'm lucky enough to be getting two paintings as well. It will be good to see her. Been such a long time, and they were both so incredibly supportive during a really hard time in my life.

I was sitting outside watching the moon and listening to the frogs sing, and thinking about how important it is for me to be aware of how I am feeling. When I consciously take note of what my body is feeling, and then consciously tell it to slow down, I feel so much better.

I'm feeling free... and more empowered then I have in a long time. That could all come spinning down on the head of a pin, but for right now I will enjoy it.

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