Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh Nikki your've done it again


I love reading Styling You. Very rarely there isn't a post that I don't gobble up. I have been reading Nikki's blog for nearly two years, and can quite happily say that she has influenced more then several of my beauty and fashion purchases.

I would rather read Styling You then a fashion magazine, mainly because I can identify and relate to the posts that Nikki does. She is of a similar age to myself, has a foot in both camps of parenthood - teenagers and early primary, and she is a REAL woman. Not an -airbrushed -with -in -an -inch -of -her -life one.

She has given me confidence to get out of the mummy rut I found myself in, and embrace the fact that even though I am a mother, I am also a woman who likes nice clothes, likes to wear makeup, and recognise that those things contribute to me feeling good about myself - AND THAT ISN'T A BAD THING!

Her blog has introduced me to new designers that I happily lust after, because they are a little out of my budget, (but hey, a girl can dream can't she?), shown me ways I can shop in my wardrobe and put pieces together in ways that I hadn't considered, introduced me to budget pieces that look great, and by featuring some products, improved my skin tenfold!

Recently, I've added to my own beauty routine both Garnier's BB Cream and pure 1 in 3 cleanser. Both have had an amazing affect on my skin, something I have been battling with since being pregnant with my first son 14 years ago. Having sensitive skin, and having tried products that I have adverse reactions to, I have always been somewhat reluctant to try new products. To spend the money and then not be able to use it, and sometimes not be able to get a refund is somewhat frustrating. Nikki has sensitive skin as well, and guinea pigs herself regularly. Thank you for that!

She recently featured an online shopping find Witjuti, "stylish, comfortable and versatile clothing made from bamboo viscose fabric, for women". I had been looking for a long black wrap top for ages to replace the one that I had worn practically to death. I hadn't been happy with either the quality or the price of anything that I had seen, so I was a very happy bunny when I saw Nikki's suggestion. I promptly ordered one. I love it more then the one I was replacing. Their service was exceptional, I received it two days after I ordered it, beautifully wra

Oh there is so much more I could bang on about... Shopping in my wardrobe, Verily, Emerson, the wicked competitons she has. But I'll let you discover it all for yourself... Off you go. Click on the link.... You won't regret it.


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