Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ode to Nikki

Nikki from Styling you is my styling guru. Like me, she is in her 40’s, has both teenagers, and a young child. Because of that, I appreciate her styling advice. Just because she’s a mum doesn’t mean she wants to run around in trackie dacks, looking like something the cat dragged in. Neither do I.

She has suggested many beautiful designers, Sacha Drake, Verily, Metalicus to name a few….. Most of which I could only afford in another lifetime (the pre-children-working -fulltime life). She also has introduced me to some labels that are both budget and style conscious, like Big W’s Emerson label, and ColesMix. I love looking at her style tips, because it gives me a point of departure. It gives me ideas. And quite often I can come up with something similar without breaking my extremely tight budget.

Nikki has called me the bargain hunter queen. A title I wear with pride. Since reading about Emerson on her blog I have purchased 12 different pieces of it, from coloured skinny leg jeans, to half-the-original-price maxi dress and white shirt, (told you, I’m the bargain hunter queen!!), to their everyday bargain price $5 ribbed cotton tees.

So to you Nikki, I say an extremely big thank you. I can still be fashionable at 42, and not embarrass my 16 year old daughter. Well at least not by what I’m wearing anyway....


  1. Ooh la la.. WTG Vicky 'Vicky fashionista' Luv ya xx


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