Saturday, September 25, 2010

feeling like something out of a vampire movie....

seriously. you should see my eyes. the whites of my eyes are a beautiful shade of red, highlighted with pus worn as eyeliner and mascara... gorgeous look. You know how they had the whole herion chick look happening a few years ago - well this could be a new fashion look. all you need to do is get conjunctivitis and your set.

How the hell did I get conjunctivitis? no one else in the house has got it. And getting this has just added insult to injury after the crappy week I have had. My period arrived on Tuesday - like clockwork, with an abundance of pain with it. I have either been doped up on pain killers, or prone on my bed with a heat pack, or a combination of the two!!

Not feeling particularly happy at the moment. in fact are feeling pissed off at life the universe and everything in general... have a serious case of the sads, and feel - sorry - for - mes....

and on that note, and going to sign off, and go and sulk some more.

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