Monday, September 20, 2010

on the head of a pin...

... life can turn.

thank god!

Friday I went to the Spirit House Cooking Classes with Mr Darcy. I brought it as gift for him for his birthday - motivated by the fact that I have wanted to do this for eight years, and it seemed like a good idea. Had a brilliant time. the food, as always, was amazing, plus the company was pretty good too. :-)

I had organised for all three kids to have sleep overs at their friends place. They were more interested in what they were going to do, then what mum was up to! So I had 36 hours of being ME!! Was wonderful, and much needed. I have decided for my own sanity, I am going to do it every 8 weeks, something that is just for me. I have already organised my next adventure. Going to go and see West Side Story, and stay in Brisbane, with Mr D in November.... which is interesting- organising something that is in 8 weeks time with him. hmmm.

on other things that have nothing to do with my love life....

Seems I been sucked into the iPhone vortex with the rest of the population... try as I might to stay ambivelent about all that is iPhone, iPod or apple related... ... I think I want one. I know L does, and is trying as hard as possible to convince me how brilliant a birthday present it would be for her - her paying half of the contract per month.... not gonna happen - its like waiting for accident to happen doing that!! So I have been considering getting her an iPod instead for her christmas/birthday combined. But as with everything - there are two many options to choose from, and I decided I'll look another day. :S Wonder whether apple will start an iP annoymous group?

I have the beginning of the Teacher's Aid course, which I would like to make a start on this week, Monday has already gone, so I will have to put a big effort in tomorrow. Not much else to do - its pouring with rain and looks like it will be for the rest of the week .... which is going to make the school holidays oh so interesting.... hmmm.... maybe I will book in an adventure for the end of the school holidays for me so I can refill my cup??!!!

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