Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mamma mia....

                                                                       Me and My girl.

well I got through father's day relativly unscathed... did feel a myriad of emotions, ranging from confusion to annoyance...

L and N rang their dad, who I discovered had tried to call both of them friday... that makes me happy - it shows effort on his part to reconnect.

Have recieved more emails from R - if I could insert an emoticon of me smacking my head against a brick wall that is what would be here... The last email I received from him unsettled me, and ended up feeling guilty and sad. but instead of reacting - which is what I usually do, I did nothing, and responded the next day. I'm glad I did. I was able to work through how I was feeling, and listened to my gut - and to borrow Mr Darcy's phrase - backed myself... I passed on the PoP's information and phone numbers to R, and told him not to email me again, or I would have to go to the police. He is doing what he usually does, sends an email, doesnt get the response he wants, sends another, then sends another, ranging from begging, pleading, emotional manipulation... if he doesn't listen to me, and sends another one, the next will be either a threat to himself, or something along the lines of "you wish I was dead dont you".... that's the usual pattern.  At least my recovery from his behaviour is happening quicker... comes from the realisation that I have control over what I allow to affect me... I have a CHOICE.

other then the emotionally manipulative email from R - I had a lovely weekend. I went to Brisbane with L, and saw Mamma Mia the musical, with my cousin. We stayed in Brisbane, when shopping, went to the show, got to see some of River Fire, went shopping again on the sunday... all in all had a lovely time.... a girlie weekend as L put it.

I won tickets to a Fashion Parade in Brisbane this Sunday as well - so L and I going to that. Its a fundraiser for the ZigZag Foundation  should be lots of fun... to dress up and pretend to be frivolous for the afternoon.

this morning I booked cooking classes at the Spirit House Its something I have wanting to do for YEARS, so I took the opportunity of it being Mr Darcy's birthday to book for two... Its nice to be doing things that I have wanted to do for a long time...


  1. Ha! you didn't volunteer that tid bit of info about WHO you were going with when we were chatting earlier!! hehehe


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