Saturday, October 29, 2011

Celebrating feeling good

I wasn't going to do a Grateful post this week because... well I'm feeling great.

How silly is that? Instead of celebrating feeling great, and writing about it, I was going to let it slip by, acknowledged only by me. It was only after reading other grateful posts that I decided that feeling great is a very very good reason to be grateful. The fact that I didn't have to dig deep to find wonder and gratitude is by itself something to be grateful for.

So I'm celebrating feeling good.

The new medication I have started has taken away that nasty angry feeling, my anxiety and agitation have leveled out. I can see the colour in the world again, feel the sun, and not feel overwhelmed by anything and everything.

I have re-enrolled in uni, and started my course. It feels so good to be engaging my brain again in a subject that I am passionate about.

I had the tattoo on my side added to and I LOVE IT! It feels like a piece of art now.

I getting through that bloody elephant a little bit every day. Its forward momentum, instead of stagnant standing still.

I am re-connecting with my daughter. Our relationship has changed, evolved, into something new. The distance between us doesn't feel any where near as far as it did. She is an amazing young woman.

I have also re-connected with my mother. The last two months have been an interesting time for both us, with a lot of healing happening on both fronts. I have a far greater ability now to stand back and see her as a woman - not just as my mother. And in being able to do that, I have greater understanding of her.

Maxabella Loves has helped me to see gratitude in the big, small and everything in between. What's going on in your world that you can be grateful for?


  1. What a lovely post, you are kicking goals all around!!.. I am just grateful my website is finally up and running.. that was a major goal kick and I am pretty proud x

  2. oh it is BTW x

  3. Well, my dear, you have LOTS to be happy about! So glad you decided to post this and share. Plus now you have a record of how great you feel when you feel, well, less great.

    Happy Graetful Day to you!


  4. This is such an uplifting post! Sounds like you've had an amazing week. Keep that momentum going!

  5. Only one thing to say: yipppeeeeeee!!!! x

  6. Glad you're feeling great.


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