Monday, August 8, 2011

Style on a budget...

... and the law of attraction...

One of the blogs I read daily is Nikki's Styling You . I love so many of the things she features there, and if my budget allowed would have spent literally $100's and $100's of dollars. Which I just don't have. What I do have is creativity, and tenacity...

There have been several suggestions that she has made that I have taken on board, but all within the means of my budget.

I love the Verily range that Nikki featured. Layering is so perfect for the Sunshine Coast Autumn, Winter and Spring weather. I was going to actually purchase one of her gorgeous scrunch tunics, but happened to fall across a similar item at the Op shop, that's price tag of $6.50 was too hard to ignore. The grey tunic added to my already owned Intimo Black Wrap from back in the day when I could afford to spend $, Target pair of leggings, and black long sleeve t-shirt created a similar look that I was happy with.... now if I could just get my hands on a red scarf within my means I'd be sorted!

Check out how the extremely styling Nikki did it with Verily.......

Here's how I did it...

I had also been eyeing off a pair of red skinny leg jeans for several weeks my gorgeous man M was taking me into that shop to buy them many times and I kept refusing... its was a WANT not a NEED... and made the decision on Friday after seeing Nikki's post about what Witchery has on offer this spring featuring a gorgeous pair of red skinnies!

So what does a style conscious mumma on a tight budget do?

After seeing the price of the ones at Witchery, and knowing that the $ weren't going to stretch quite that far... I decided that the pair I had seen at Jay Jay's for $39.95 were a bargain, and was going to go and buy them the next day. The bonus was getting to the shop and they were down to $29.95 for the day!!

I know I haven't spoken specifically about the law of attraction... but has anyone else had this happen. Seen something they like, haven't been able to afford it, but has ended up with it (or a version of it) anyway?


  1. ooh - I was going to head to witchery for those red pants after reading Nikki's post too! Think I will check out JayJays first now! Well done on your styling on a budget.

  2. I love this Vicky! Well done - both the Verily and Jay Jays jeans look amazing on you. Good find on those jeans!

  3. Nikki - Its actually not Verily... I don't even know what brand it is-the tag was gone. But thank you. :)x

    Jodi - just think - the $ you save getting the jeans at Jay Jays you can use to buy good wine :D x

  4. I think you did great!!

    Mine is normally the opposite though, I don't have the money when it's on sale and when I get it together they have gone up or gone all together!

    Found you through FYBF x

  5. I wish I looked as good in a pair of red skinnies as you do! Great styling on a budget. Love your work! Thanks for Rewinding this Weekend. Very nice to meet you Vicky x


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