Thursday, June 23, 2011

I remember... feelings...

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I remember ... the feel of salty wind on  my face as I listen to the waves breaking on the sand, and feeling peace wash over me.

I remember ... feeling so awestruck at this tiny little being placed in my arms - this precious gift that was my daughter, and wondering how on earth did I get so lucky.

I remember ... feeling incredibly small as I stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon and drank in its magnifecence.

I remember ... closing my eyes while visiting an ancient Indian cliff dwelling and 'feeling' the energy of families long gone as they climbed up and down precarious ladders going about their day to day business.

I remember ... the disbelief I felt that 12 complete strangers believed me, and consequently delivered a guilty verdict.

I remember ... how wonderful it feels to laugh and laugh and laugh until you can't breathe, and the feeling of euphoria that washes over you. Oh how I love those good endorphins.


  1. Lots of great memories... I love the bit about the ancient Indian dwelling. Isn't it fascinating how our mind can travel in time?

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words.

  3. Love your last memory, nothing like a great laugh. And I'm interested in the Indian cliff dwelling. Would love to read more on this. Thanks for joining in with Write On Wednesdays, see you back next week! Gill xo

  4. I really like the method you've chosen for this, not describing just one memory in detail but giving us snippets of various memories. It makes me want to try the exercise again, maybe as an attempt to record a collection of lots of life memories using just a sentence or two. It really paints a picture of the person writing!


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