Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday... with Tattoo Mummy

I'm playing with Tattoo Mummy on Tattoo Tuesday Come play with us...


What: Enblem of my kids initials
Where: on my left wrist
By: Courtney at Tattoo Junction

Have to say a big thank you to Courtney from Tattoo Junction in Noosa. She did a brilliant job of fixing a rather large fuckup a tattoo that I wasn't happy with and I'll be going back to her to have more done.... :-)

The thing I love about tattoo's is the stories behind them, and I can't help myself, I usually ask if there is time, or often people offer it up when I ask to look more closely at their tattoos. (Yes I'm one of those weird people that talk to other people and give random acts of kindness in the forms of compliments)

The story of  the journey of this tattoo can be found here

I had it done because I wanted my children's initials on my body - here on my wrist when I can see it every day forever and always... Red is my favourite colour... in case no one has figured that out yet... I love swirls, and mendhi art is something I'm interested in...
Any one else have any tattoo disaster tales to tell?


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous, I love it!
    I don't have any for my kids yet, but I have plans. I actually took Dex's handprint today for a tattoo and it's a whole lot bigger than I thought it was!!

  2. Thank you Jess. I love it. Its spesh to me, and that's what counts. x

  3. I have plans for my boy's initials, but waiting til I've finished having kids so I can do a collective one.
    Love hearing the stories behind tattoos :)

  4. I love your tattoo. Red is my favourite colour too. I love the design and that you've incorporated your kid's initials into it. You'd never know it was a cover up.


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