Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The thing about moving house is there are a whole lot of new things that you have to get used to. Such as the oven.

I love baking. Firstly because its a cheap and cheerful way to feed my tribe, and secondly, it's something I do when I'm agitated. You can measure just how agitated by the amount of baked goods I produce. At times there is more then can be consumed in a week, and it will end up in the freezer.

Since moving to this new house, I have baked the 120 cookies for $5 five times. Today was the first time I have successfully not burnt a batch! And as I bake to relieve agitation, the burning of said cookies was not agitation relieving at all. Instead, it caused a whole lot of stupid-motherfucking-oven curses.

So let the record show, that today, I mastered the oven and did not burn the cookies.

And just in case you want the recipe -


500 grams of butter or margarine

1 can of condensed milk

5 cups of plain flour

1 cup of white sugar


Cream butter/margarine and sugar until pale yellow

Add sifted flour and condensed milk

Add choc chips, 100s and 1000s, cornflakes, sultanas, rice bubbles, crushed nuts. I usually half the mix and make up two batches of two different types. You can also make jam drops with the plain mixture.

Place a teaspoons of mixture rolled into a ball and then flattened on baking paper lined tray, and bake in 180 degree Celsius oven until golden brown.

I freeze half of this mixture.


  1. OMG! I can smell them yum *sigh* Now i want some suppose after coffee with mother i shall get the one ingredient i don't have condenced bloody milk!!! hahaha

    1. Will be thinking of you tomorrow Dannie. Something I read that I try to live by now, have no expectations, you avoid disappointment, but quite often are pleasantly surprised. X


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