Wednesday, April 21, 2010


well what has today brought so far... an improved attitude, from when I woke up this morning.
... my car serviced for less then i thought it would cost
... treating myself to reading in a cafe, with good coffee and treating myself to lunch.
... finding out that I'm having my operation next Tuesday
... spending half an hour with Richard with out having an arguement, and him actually LISTENING TO ME!! I asked him not to buy Aston any more toys, because he didnt need them, that he really needs some clothes. and Richard went and got some for him. I'm still sitting here in amazement and surprise. enjoy the moments of victory while they are there... cause they are few and far between with him.
... feeling a litte less like all men are fuckwits like I felt yesterday.

feel like I've been recharged. Note to self: good. enjoy it. remember. You are deserving.

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