Monday, April 26, 2010

Friends are my family

Kirsty Lee, beautiful soul, came over with Ava yesterday, and stayed the night. I'm so incredibly thankful for it, just to have someone to be here at the moment, so that my anxiety doesn't spin out of control. I love spending time with her - she is one of those rare people that you can sit together in silence and it not be uncomfortable.

Toni and Phil will arrive later this afternoon. I'm trying to clean the house out, so that it doesn't look so bad. I did the bookshelves in the loungeroom today, and have a whole shelf now that has nothing on it. Think I will put some of MY things on display there. After being at Cheryl's house, and everytime I go there, I feel like I've just had a hug, I need to OWN this house. because I didn't it. So that means getting all those special things out, and using them, and displaying them, and changing the engergy in the house.

Nathan has stayed at Karen & Tony's for the the long weekend, it will be good for him to be with them, and just "be", instead of having to feel like he needs to be the man of the house. I have to help him to realise that he doesn't have to do that. That his job is to be the kid. Its my job to be the parent. sigh.

and on that note... I will leave it with a quote I just found

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson

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