Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Does the RACQ recharge brains?

The start of a new year is like opening up a new note book... stiff, shiny, new, clean. Sometimes the writer can leap into the book, and can barely contain the words rushing to spill out. Other times the blank page stares up at them, beckoning to be written upon, yet the writer falters, sighs, and closes the book.

I'm finding myself faltering, sighing and closing the book.

Words and pictures are spinning through my head at a magnificent rate, yet putting any of those things into action is like turning the ignition key, and the motor doesn't even turn over. My battery is dead I think.

So I will sit, and rest, and try not to give myself a hard time because I haven't launched into the new year with vitality. .... and go and book my annual blood tests (that are quickly becoming overdue!) for tomorrow. .. Just to make sure that nothing physical is going on, that my lethargy and fatigue are post Christmas holiday blues related...

Are you bouncing with vitality, or are you like me, waiting for the RACQ to come and recharge my battery?


  1. Very little vitality here too! I've been back at work for the new year a whole week, and started back at uni this week... feels like the brief Christmas 'break' never happened!

    I hope you manage to get your battery charged! :-)

    1. Hi Lisa, I think you have good reason to not have any vitality. You are living life full tilt! me on the other hand, I feel like I'm swimming in mud. Wish I could say that I feel depressed, but I don't. I just am exhausted, and not really sure why. Hopefully i will get to the bottom of it.

      make sure you are doing something to feed your soul in amongst work and uni... you need to refill the tank!

  2. Hi there Vicky
    Just thought you would get a laugh out of my post today - it is about deep brain stimulation for my condition. It really is like a RACV charge!
    Happy New Year.
    L xxx

    1. I read it L, and thought sign me up! I can't say that I feel depressed, because I don't. I'm just absolutely friggin exhausted! Have booked in for blood tests to see if there is anything physical going on, but I have a feeling after reading a few things that its adrenal fatigue. The descriptor sounds far too familiar to me.
      Happy new year to you too hun. x

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