Thursday, January 5, 2012

what went right in 2011

52 weeks to simplify your life challenge

Its a brand new year. Full of infinite possibilities and opportunities.  I fell across this, 52 weeks to simplify your life  and decided that I wanted to participate. Considering that a lot of the time my blog is my dumping ground for the bad stuff going on around me or in my head, the opportunity to use it as a positive space couldn't be ignored.

While so many of my friends where experiencing not so great things happening for them in 2011, I was having a relatively great 2011. Yes there were moments or days where everything felt overwhelmingly bad, but for the most part it was a great year. I had a list of things that I wanted to do before I turned 42. While I haven't completed all of those things, I have done a lot of them, at least two thirds of them. I don't feel like I have failed because I didn't complete the list. In fact, quite the opposite. It's a record of all that I have achieved.

There are so many things that energised me - clearing out toxic things, people, places hugely energised me, simply because I was no longer wasting time and energy on things, people and places that sucked life from me. I learnt to recognise and ACT on that recognition of when that is happening, and not feel guilty about it. My time and energy is precious. And I can't fix everyone - especially people that don't want to fix themselves.

I met a man that is my best friend, and it is the biggest thing to make me feel happy in 2011. I can look at him, smile and feel joy in my heart. The time we spend together is precious, and whether we are cooking up a storm, playing with the kids, watching a movie, looking at the stars, or just laying holding each other I feel peaceful, and hopeful, and calm. But most of all, happy.

I am finding that it is easier and quicker to return to that place where I feel peacefulness now. When anxiety claws at my body and mind, it is becoming easier to let it pass over me. Ironically, it is from not fighting it, but instead I almost surrender to it. Like when you are caught in a rip in the ocean. Instead of swimming against it, I lay back, float, breathe and end up out of it quicker, and less exhausted, then if I furiously fight it.

Going on holiday to Daydream Island was amazing. Not only being there, and doing all the wonderful things that we did, but GETTING THERE! I did it!! I saved, and scrimped, and juggled. But I did it! It was the first real holiday I have had in a long time. Achieving that was monumental in itself. I felt very proud of myself.

There are so many things I am grateful for.... Having the ability to live on a shoestring... the gift of my three children, that I constantly learn things from every day... my beautiful friends that are my family... a man who loves me and my children... and then there are the "little things" - the things that are so easily taken for granted - clean water, food, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, easily attained medical assistance, the view from my bedroom....

Learning how to practice mindfulness has probably been my most positive lesson in 2011. The only moment I have any control over is the one I am currently in. Learning to let go of looking anxiously forward, and regretfully backward is a big lesson to learn. I'm glad that I have finally got it!

Thank you 2011 for all that your brought me. Here's to 2012 and all that will come....


  1. Fantastic! Keep on celebrating everything you accomplish and it's definitely not worth feeling like a failure over the things you don't. just tackle them next, if you still want them.

    1. Thanks Tat, for commenting. Its always nice to hear from someone who reads my blog. and you always leave such lovely and thoughtful comments. x

  2. Happy ♥ new ♥ year Vicky.
    May the ball keep returning to your court in a fashion that can be dealt with... you've managed a few returns in 2011 in a way that can only be commended. WELL DONE.

    Do you follow KatieP?
    She is an inspiration.

    Fnd her on:

    The following s from her post today
    "I’m an imperfect person who has made mistakes. I forgive myself for my shortcomings. The past can’t be changed and at the time I did my best. I’m letting this story go and living from a place of love and acceptance from now on. "

    Will share more on the blog.

    1. Thanks Roma. There has been a little serendipity at work. I had read KatieP's blog, before, and not realised until she commented on something that I have written since this post. Glad I refound her though. x

  3. Lovely post - you are a inspiration - thank you

    1. Thank you Melanie... I'm not sure that I'm inspiring, but its lovely for you to say so. x

  4. Thank you for joining in the challenge - i love your positive things and the way you write - i really enjoyed reading along. I love how you described the anxiety and compared it to the ocean - that is all so true and I will reflect on that more... as time goes on. Thank you

    1. Hi Deb, You must be so busy at the moment wading through all the posts. You have obviously presented something that is speaking to a lot of people. I have so enjoyed reading the posts that I have. This week's challenge has had me thinking a lot, and inspiring me to write a lot to. Its an interesting excercise exploring what is REALLY important to you.

  5. I really enjoyed this post - it made me so happy to think of you enjoying your holiday!! Congratulations on achieving that goal. I would love to hear more about your new-found ability to practice mindfulness. I have no doubt that skill would make a huge difference to my life but gee, it is a hard one!!

    1. Hi Jen,

      Yes it is a hard skill to develop, and one that I am constantly working on. It is the biggest thing I think that stills my anxiety when it hits. I read a lot about anything that will help that, and mindfullness is one such thing. The website is a site that I visit regularly. I love the articles, and sometimes just phrases will jump out at me, and I feel like they are just for me.

      Going on holiday was wonderful, not just being there, but achieving it. Reading your comment ignites in me that feeling again - so thank you. x


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