Friday, November 19, 2010

the end of 2010 is quickly approaching...

... and I just had a re-read of the first post for the year

so what off that list have I done...

got a tattoo - two actually.
reconnecting with my children every day, and laughing, playing, dancing, singing, and just being with them.
painted - a little.. not as much as I would have liked to - but the year isnt over ;-)
write - have been - here on this blog
decided not to move house until I have to go

I think that the first on my list I have achieved, or are achieving. I was thinking about this the other day. I remember Anne, my therapist saying to me that I would need at least 12 months to recover, to start feeling more in control, and less in a state of chaos. and its nearly 12 months. At the end of January it will be 12 months since I made the decision to completely cut R out of my life. And while it has been tumultuous at times, I don't think its been traumatic. I do feel calmer, and more in control, and more peaceful...

work in progress...

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