Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I love this time of year, when it starts getting darker later. Yesterday I went to pick up Aston from daycare, and took Nathan, Trixie and a soccer ball with me. Laura was already in town, so I arranged for her to meet us at the park. I dropped into the supermarket to grab some things, including a bag of lollipops, and met the kids at the park.

It was so funny watching this little puppy running full tilt, chasing Aston, Nathan and Laura, playing soccer - much to Nat's delight. We were all in hysterics at her antics. Such little things, that brought lots of joy. On the way home, with the radio blaring, I glanced in the rear vision mirror, and Aston was singing his heart out to Rhiannon, face scrunched up in emotion, playing the air guitar. Well that was it, Nathan, Laura and I were in fits of laughter, which just made Aston rock out even harder. We were sitting in the car outside of the house doubled over in laughter while he did a re-endition of a Paramour song. No twinkle little star or ba ba black sheep for this boy thank you.

So good to laugh... really is the little things that make  your heart smile.

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  1. Vicky it is indeed.
    My life is full of joy and I couldn't imagine living my life without laughter..
    I remember one day vividly in my life... I realised on that particular day that I couldn't remember when I had last laughed...

    That very same day I saw a psychiatrist. I recognised then that I was indeed a little past feeling blue about my status quo... I was indeed depressed. What a fascinating journey of discovery I started that day... well I think it was but then I am biased! Another story..

    Joy de vie... I hope to never live without again. Not everybody can find such joy and pleasure in such little things in life. We are indeed fortunate. I do look forward to discovering where else our journeys cross and merge..


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