Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh look. It's FFS Friday


I often read Dear Baby G FFS Fridays. It a weird kind of way it makes me feel better that the snap shots we see of other peoples lives aren't all photoshopped in amazingness. Not because I'm glad that they are having FFS moments, but because it puts my FFS into perspective. In reality life is full of FFS and wonderful moments. And because I choose to look at the half full glass most of the time, and push the FFS moments done, they often don't get acknowledged. And sometimes that just isn't healthy. We all need the opportunity to vent and release, in the hope that by doing so the negative energy those FFS moments are causing will dissipate.

Well that's my theory and I'm sticking to it FFS

The man I live with lost his job on Monday, along with fifty other guys FFS
Which means that after 5 weeks of being at home after taking voluntary redundancy, and less then a week back at work he is at home AGAIN FFS
Which means he is going to drive me bat shit crazy FFS
I need a fucking holiday BY MYSELF FFS
It ain't gonna happen FFS
I want a massage, a pedicure, a facial, a manicure and I want someone else to organise it and pay for it FFS
That also ain't gonna happen FFS
My daughter informed me that she has changed her mind AGAIN about going to schoolies FFS
I hate the fact that I can't do anything about it FFS
I am having trouble going to sleep, staying asleep, and having horrible nightmares FFS
This makes me a cranky irritable person to be around, and if one more person asks me whats wrong I may just explode FFS

You are so right Sarah - this is cheaper the MOFO therapy!


  1. I would love a holiday and a facial too!! I am glad there is soeone else in the world with the same chance of getting it as me!!

  2. I can offer tea and company? And love, always love.

  3. So maybe the Wenatex pillow was a Godsend? I have missed my usual wake up time this week 2 days in a row. Bloody hell. I love FFS too. Pity my kids are driving me batty and I haven't been able to write anything down.

    1. True story - a couple of days before I got the invite to the event, I'd declared that I was buying new expensive pillows for myself! When I got the email I decided to wait. ;) I wasn't planning on spending quite that much money on a pillow, but are very grateful for it! I love it!! Do you like yours?


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