Monday, February 6, 2012

Bring on the fresh horses

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

Eden, crazy wench that she is, has decided to do a weekly meme. And because I love the fact that she is a crazy wench, I'm going to participate. This weeks is handwriting. I often wonder, if like verbal communication, hand written communication will go by the way side.

I love putting pen to paper, or pencil to paper. If I'm going to be doing heaps of writing, my preferred tool is a pencil. I'm not sure why. I like the way pencil slides across the page, and it can be erased....

I love getting notebooks as gifts. I have all my journals from a billion years ago. There is something cathartic about the process of writing. It feels more connected then typing.

This notebook was given to me by my mother years and years ago. I kept it for a long time, and didn't use it. Now I use it to write all sorts of strange things in it. It lives in my bedside table.

looking for answers
when I've forgotten what the questions were

looking for redemption
when I'm not sure what was sin

looking for forgiveness
when I'm uncertain if I did wrong

Can someone please tell me
why I have to be so strong



  1. Vicky I love, love your handwriting. And the book ... but ESPECIALLY what you wrote. Just bloody unreal.

    Your use of rhyming "redemption" and "sin" ... very Eminemified. Can I use that one day?

    Thank you for linking up XXXX eden

    1. thanks for opening up the link again. :) your very lovely, and use away... x

  2. Before I even read what you'd written I thought what strong handwriting you have. Love your little brown book. (Thanks for the comment on my post too.)

    1. Thanks Madeline. I have to admit I'm a little bit envious that you have commenced studying. Are you doing an Education degree by any chance?

  3. Fabulous Vicki! You have reminded me that I need to start keeping a notebook handy, so many thoughts flash through my mind and flit away before I can catch them an write them down.

    1. My uncle, who is a five time published author, gave me that idea. Some of my best sentences come at the oddest of times.

  4. Ahh Vicky... will you ever NOT be able to blow me away with your ability to hit the nail on the head??

    I'm not surprised to read how you feel about putting pen to paper being more cathartic... it used to be for me but less so now. As long as I am writing I am happy. Interestingly enough some of my most impressive [to me] scribbles have been made when I have stopped the car on the edge of the road and rummaged for something... anything to write on. I'm sure you have experienced having your brain explode with words demanding to be given life instead of jostling for space up there in the clouds... which is my brain at times. I now carry paper and pens in my car permanently..

    I'm still like that when I am designing or drawing. I have to do it manually and not use any of the many CAD programs out there to make it easier.

  5. I am so obsessed with notebooks! I bought one when I went to Bulgaria a few months ago and now I can't find it. None of my family would admit to taking it... You are reminding me that the writing is more important than the book itself (although having a book you can connect to certainly helps) and I hadn't written anything yet in the notebook I lost, so it's ok. I will just have to use one of the other dozen notebooks lying around.


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