Monday, June 22, 2009

its the little things...

Yesterday I just wrote the day off. Had horrible period pain, and was feeling miserable about all that has been going on. About 3pm I decided enough was enough, and got in the kitchen with Laura and started baking for the week. We made choc chip cookies, jam drops, apricot and coconut chocolate slice, chocolate choc chip muffins, quiche and popcorn. small things, but I oddly felt like I had actually achieved something for the first time in ages!!! Felt like a mummy, and I havent felt like anything for a while.

A good friend rang me from Brugge, to champion me on. It made me feel heard, and loved to have someone randomly ring me to tell me I'm doing ok.

this morning, at 6am, Laura came into my room, and sat on the bed. I said to her, get into bed with me and have a cuddle. I really didnt know if she would or not, because of late I have been some what of the enemy in her eyes, but she did. We lay and talked about anything and everything. It was precious, and made the start of my day so much better.

small incremental changes... little things that make a difference.

Nathan has hurt his knee at football on Saturday. It is still very sore, and I am taking him to the doctor today. I hope that it is just bruised and nothing more serious. He will be devastated if it is. so fingers crossed that is something simple.

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  1. Hugs babe, like you said baby steps all the way, and focusing on those little precious moments will make the tough shitty times that little bit easier to bear. Hope Nathans leg isn't serious. xox


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