Monday, April 6, 2009

Every cloud has a silver lining....

Several days ago I really wouldnt have thought that was even a possible thought to think! But today has been a good day - and I am shifting perspective... from focussing on what is so crap at the moment, to what is positive and good. In the hope that it will lift my soul.

The last couple of weeks really have been horrendous, with one thing after another happening - first R attempting suicide, then Nathan accidently breaking the mower to the point of irrepairable, then the looming deadline for assessments for uni, then the flash flooding that meant that Aston was not able to get home and had to stay at friends; Laura and Nathan had to be escorted through the flood waters in life jackets by the SES and R's mobile phone got water damaged in the process. I actually yelled up at the sky "WHAT MORE GOD ARE YOU GOING TO THROUGH AT ME??!!!"

Serendipity occurred... a received an email from the Peaceful Warrior website, about unreasonable happiness, and the same day a good friend of mine (thank you Tan) talked to me about exactly the same thing. About faking it until you make it... about shifting the perspective. So I have. And some amazing things have happened. Small - but in the midst of the madness they have been lifesaving. Aston had a wonderful time at his first unintentional sleep over, and miss mum oh so much NOT! The insurance compnay have replaced the phone for $50 excess, and at midnight last night I remember that we had accidental damage cover on our insurance plan, so I rang them again today and the Lawnmower will be replaced for $100 excess. Over $1000 worth of merchandise for $150. Work cover have also agreed to pay for the mowing to be done because of R back. And all my assessments have had extensions granted. Plus because the drive has been washed away the house inspection that was due to be done tomorrow has been put off for another month - which is great because I really havent had the energy or inclination to do all those inspection type cleaning things that have needed to be done.

So for the first time in days I actually feel positive. And its a nice feeling. :D

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