Friday, May 20, 2011

The N8...

Because my keyboard on my laptop isn't working properly I've started using the qwerty keyboard on my super dooper new phone, a Nokia n8. And seeing as how its the only type of keyboard that my kids are using on their phones and iPods I'm making the leap and using it too.

Rather enjoying getting to understand and use all the features on this phone. I originally got it for the brilliant camera it has...but I'm discovering it has soooo much more then that! For example, I am amazed that I can type a document on my phone, save it, attach it to an email and send it to someone... Can even do a slide show powerpoint presentation!

I know..Small things small minds....

I'm also thinking that I'm feeling the need to physically write...take pen to paper...and then type up my blog entries... I'm missing the cathartic process that comes with the physical act of writing. Its different to typing, and I’m sure that there are different neural pathways being used in both processes....

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