Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Bucket List

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13 months before I turned 42, I made a bucket list, 42 before 42. A list of things I wanted to do, achieve, have before I turned 42. It was like a guide. Every now and then I would check back in on that list and see how I was doing. Some things on the list changes, or no longer were important. Not all the the things happened. Most of them did though.

This last 12 months I have been adrift. With no list to guide me, I have felt somewhat lost. I'm an Aquarian, an air sign. so like a kite that likes to be gliding on the wind, if I don't have a string tethered to the earth, I get tossed around, crashing, floundering and sometimes thrown off course.

That doesn't mean I haven't achieved anything. I have. A lot. Just it's harder to "see" what those things were. So I've decided to do another bucket list to guide me through the next 13 months. Some of the things on this list, were on the first. I either didn't get to do them, or I want to do them again.

So here it is...

1. Whale watching. This is something I have wanted to do since I moved to Queensland 15 years ago. This year I'm going to make it happen!!

2. February 12 marks our anniversary. I want to go back to Mooloolaba for the weekend again, but this time somewhere that has a spa bath.

3. See P!nk in concert. Tickets booked for July! Only 7 months to go. I'm going with Laura and one of my soul sisters, and


4. Go to Seaworld with the kids, or at the very least Aston. I had such a good time when we went last time, and I know that Aston will love it immensely. He still talks about going to daydream island and touching the shark and stingrays and wants to go again.

5. I want to start going on movie dates with my gangsta teen Nathan. Dinner or lunch and a movie. Just him and I. Before I know it he will be grown and moved on, and the thread that connects us will be pulled to its extreme.

6. Go to a couple of musicals at the lyric theatre. I love going to see live entertainment. I disappear into the magic of it all, and leave the mundane behind.

7. Attend life drawing classes. It's time to push myself creatively. My soul feels like it will wither and die without it.

8. This really should be number 1, but because I am not doing these in any particular order, here it is. FINISH OUTSTANDING PROJECTS. you know what they are Vicky

9. Tattoo between my shoulder blades as an ode to my place of origin

10. A family holiday somewhere. Anywhere - where isn't important. What's important is that it is ALL of us.

11. Have a strong back. Early this year I injured my back. And it is still giving me grief. I want to be free of back pain. In order for that to happen I have to build the muscles in my core.

12. Lose 5kgs. This one and the one above are connected. I think by strengthening my core, I will lose weight as well. Especially from the place I want it to go!

13. Have a girls weekend away with my soul sisters. Somewhere in the hinterland I'm thinking. Mid year - perfect for fires, yummy food, and red wine.

14. Do a cooking class with M

15. Laugh love live paintings

16. Sharon's Gerbera painting

17. Build my blog

18. Go to a bloggers conference

19. Herb and salad garden

20. Smooth soft feet

21. Be exercising regularly, at least 3 times a week in some way.

22. Go on a date with M every six weeks.

23. Art workshop with a new medium

24. Upgrade to iPhone 5

25. Mummy and Aston dates

26. Mummy and Laura dates

27. Reduce my waist measurement from To

28. Tattoo of the Japanese symbols for family and mother on my right wrist

29. Hot air balloon ride

30. Big day out musical festival

31. Pineapple music festival tickets booked for April!

32. Do a parachute jump.

Do you have a bucket list? What's on it? Care to share? Then I can add to mine ;)


  1. I LOVE your list!

    I really should make one. The only problem being I never ever end up being able to stick to a plan :( I'm a little useless like that! lol

    I am insanely jealous of the Pink concert!!!


    1. I'm so excited! I can track the last ten years of my life by her albums.

      Make a list, it can be a wish list. I didn't a complied all of the things on the first one I did. Was good to do, to make me think.

  2. I hope having a list again will help guide your way and give you a little more purpose Vicky! Thanks for linking up to I Must Confess this week.

  3. What a wonderful list, I am thinking I should have joined in with this theme, though of course it is not too late I guess.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely


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