Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stories - we all have them

For me blogging is a place where I can record my story. My truth. My passions and views. Some will resonate with others, some may inform and educate, some may just be the recognition of a kindred spirit fighting her fight, living her life, in the same way they are.


That is what the National Museum of Australia is like. A place full of stories. Where our stories live, to borrow their tagline. Its a place full of stories from the varied and different cultures that make up this country. It's an amazing place. From the architecture - a building designed to look like a knot, representing the diversity in this country - to the displays telling stories from different perspectives and points in history.

I could have stayed there all day. There was so much to see, and learn and experience. Stories to be told and heard.


We were lucky enough to see behind the scenes, and see curators at work on restoring items to be displayed. It was wonderful to hear people talk about their passion with such enthusiasm and excitement. It was contagious.



This passion and enthusiasm carried onto where we had lunch at Two before Ten. This cafe roasts their own beans, so the place smells amazing. (And the view was pretty good too ;) ) I can honestly say it was the best cappuccino I have ever had anywhere. The food was delicious, starting with a tasting platter of different meats with a salad, and ending with a tasting platter of desserts that were sublime.

After having our taste buds tantalised, we were taken to another place that is full of stories, the National Film and Sound Archives. I didn't even know such a place even existed. It is the place where anything recorded or filmed in Australia is kept, where film and sound from days long gone are restored and kept for You and for me.

Unless you work in the recording or film industry, we have no appreciation for the amount of work that goes into something we listen to, or watch. To see and hear the people who work at the NFSA was for me a gift. Again, these were people who LOVE what they do. It was evident in the way they spoke with such passion.

With a quick stop back to the hotel (no rest for the wicked, or this exhausted little vegemite!), we got ready to go out to dinner.

There were two restaurants that our stream would be going to -  Ginger Catering at the old Parliament house, and The Messalira Ristorante  We dined at Messalira. The service was impecable, and the food... oh my... the food.

This was one of my favorite events of the weekend. The opportunity to sit down and relax, not having to race anywhere was a welcome respite after a very busy day. It was a time to meet new people, where we were able to share some of our own stories, and connect together as humans.

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