Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lest we forget

The opening function for the Human Brochure was at the Australian War Memorial. All streams, Adventure, Family Fun, Food and Wine, and Art and Culture all came together to be welcomed, and shown a snap shot of of Australia's history in war.

The building is magnificent, solid and strong, standing at the end of Anzac Parade, where Parliament House can see it, and remember. (That's the theory, how much remembering happens is a topic I'm not keen to touch on). Lined along Anzac Parade is memorial after memorial, beautiful monuments built in recognition of the soldiers lost fighting for this country.

War for me is an exercise in futility. Loss of human life over perimeters of land, religion, economics, or what appears to me as pure insanity, makes no sense. I hit a brick wall when it comes to understanding. I know the why and wherefore, but still... Maybe it's the peace loving mung bean hippy in me.

Regardless of how I feel about war, I was humbled, and after watching a short film directed by Peter Jackson, in awe. The young men that flew those planes that had not long been invented, were brave beyond belief. None of this computerised high tech super sonic airplanes. Planes that they sat in, unprotected from not only enemy fire, but the forces of nature.

There is a rich history of war memorabilia at the Australian War memorial. Far more then I was able to see in the short reception that was held there. It is a place that needs hours to explore to really appreciate.

When we were telling the kids about the War Memorial, my boys response was "When can we go there?".


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