Sunday, October 24, 2010

42 before 42....

I was recently reading a blog, that had a list of 30 things she wanted to achieve before she turned 30. So as it is only 3 months until I turn 41 (where the frig has this year gone??? I swear it was only last week I was turning 40!!) I decided that I'm going to make a list of things that I want to do before I turn 42 - which gives me 15 months to do them.

so here goes:

1. finish the teachers aide course and have a job
2. sold some of my paintings.
3 get divorced
4 sorted out my health
5. be exercising on the Wii at least 3 times a week
6. Learn how to dance at dance classes
7. have a firm stomache
8. grown my hair
9. be wearing contacts lenses again
10 at least once a month be doing something that is all about me - massage, live theatre, etc etc
11. gone on holiday somewhere by myself
12. gone on holiday with the kids
13 fallen in love with someone who values, respects, adores me
14 saved $2000
15 have my tattoo on my wrist finished.
16. had my tattoo on my side added to
17. culled all the unwanted, un-needed "things" in my life OUT
18. have a vege and herb garden productive
19. learn how to crochet re-enrolled in uni tattoo on base of spine.
22. have finished all the unfinished projects that I have - or gotten rid of them
23. get a new bed
24. get a dresser
25. double bed for laura
26. nose pierced
27.make all christmas and birthday presents for this year
28 reduce internet/phone/mobile/electricity costs and save the difference
29. gone to dreamworld/seaworld/wet'n'wild with the kids on a mini holiday
30. looked into getting a new to me car
31 learn to salsa
32 start zumba classes
33 water colour painting classes

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